By saving Kashmiri Pandits Guru Teg Bahadur made a big mistake

Ask yourself why???

Sometimes I feel that sacrifice was in vain if I look at it in today’s perspective. He did save Kashmiri Pandits that thing is true. Today in a country ruled by Kashmiri Pandits I rather feel and think very strongly that he made a insanely big mistake.


The religion of those he helped defend are now actively conniving with others to destroy their religion.

Hindus(Kashmiri Pandits) and Muslims connive with the British and partition India. Leaving rich sikh landlowners, traders and business helpless. Economic murder of Sikhs. Then post partition they truncate the state. And gives us peanuts

Indira Gandhi created Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale to take down the Akalis. Indira Gandhi ‘s closest advisors were Kashmiri Pandits.

Bhindranwale created the terrorists conniving with the central government and the police in line with the policies of that time supported by Marxists(Harkishan Surjeet great ideological and cadre help for Khalisthanis) and fascists. The terrorist ordered by the govt created havoc in Punjab. She used the Khalisthani terrorists as a tool in defence of her misgovernance in India-Soviet style scapegoating. Great patriots would rather disagree. The situation goes out of control people die, women get raped by authorities. She connives with Pakistan to spread drugs and Hindu alcohol companies to screw Punjabis. Then add tobacco to the mixture again Hindu. They all believed in Marxism and Fascism. Bunch of hypocrites!!!!

They exaggerate the problem using the Hindu Brahmin Media. State censorship, etc.

Then call in the army and KS Brar he kills innocents breaks the Akal takht, calls the tanks on the Golden Temple . Screws half of Punjab and gets away with it blaming Pakistan. 2 lac people die and the hindu right and the congress denies it.

Some body shoots Indira Gandhi in retaliation whether her Sikh bodyguards or someone else(the gunfire came from behind the bodyguards). Sonia Gandhi delays her treatment. She dies. Rajiv comes to power and starts rumours than riots against the Sikhs. All claimed to be Kashmiri Pandits(Indira, Rajiv, Sanjay)

They rewrite history making all Sikh heroes hindu and propagate it like Hitler.

They make jokes on Sikhs.

Then they create beautiful anti-hindu websites and blame it on Sikhs.

KS Brar gets attacked by himself and blames it on Sikhs

To get away with it and grant amnesty they make Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister and ask the entire Human Rights fraternity to forgive the Gandhi family

Hindus are the biggest treacherous cowards of the universe.

I really wish that one day all the Brahmins especially Kashmiri Pandits of this country die and no one would come and save them. They usually believe in 2 things-

Use and throw

Backstab people who helped you


If you’re going to kill me do it properly. Hindus are very sick people along with Indian Christians and Muslims. Trust me Amma wasn’t as nice as you think.



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