All is not well

Chetan Bhagat  And Aamir Khan: Evil Twins

I am sure everyone watched 3 Idiots and Taare Zameen Par. The two most evil films ever made. You know why they were made???

One question:

Would you aspire for IIT-IIM or Engineering, Medicine or Management after watching these films?

Aamir Khan kind of repeats that line Engineerimg, Medicine and Management

quite a lot.

The films were made to preserve the Brahmin Bania Jesuit ascendancy in educational institutions. I don’t think people in IIT have as much fun in IIT as Aamir Khan makes us believe Brahmins actually study from  8th Standard to get into IIT. They want to perpetrate Brahmin hegemony and fool you into not getting into these institutions. Brahmins are the masters of psychological warfare. It is very easy to lure guillible masses into doing things which have no inkling to power, money or status and only Brahmins should aspire from it. Ever thought why the number of applications to IIT IIM and B-schools is going down. These two films apart from the recession. All the Brahmins know about it. They use Darsheel Safary and Rancho pretty well in they are ragging other castes and communities across all colleges.

Aamir Khan really spoilt that film Memento by creating Ghajini. An psychological masterpiece becomes a film of mindles  brutuality.

One must never trust Chetan bhagat.


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