AAP should be decimated in Punjab.

AAP doesn’t deserve to rule a whore house let alone Punjab. Arvind Kejriwal is the king of attention-seekers. He is a bane to the political profession. We should send him to Pakistan so that he can be CM of Punjab there. He completely lacks personal responsibility and blames the BJP for all his failures. AAP is a party run by Marxists. It is foreign funded and run by the Illuminati-Jesuits who are a devil worshipping cult. Their intention is to destroy Punjab and its Sikh population. They are creating sectarian rifts in Punjab by courting Khalisthani-Marxists.

These Khalistanis are Marxists who do not believe in God and claim to be the harbingers of peace in the region. They are Congress created and AAP is giving shelter to these extremists. They will only create sectarian rifts in Punjab along religious lines. Congress ka haath Pakistan ke saath since they denied the surgical strikes.

They want the Sutlej Yamuna link which will destroy the economy of Punjab. They want to steal Punjab’s water and give it non-riparian states. Delhi will get free water at the cost of the ecology of Punjab.

They are courting anti-Sikh Congress created cults like Dera Sacha Sauda and Radhasoamis. They are the most unpatriotic people in the country because they along with the Congress support the the anti-national Kanhaiya and the JNU Marxist lobby and other Marxists from St. Xavier’s college Mumbai and St. Stephens of Delhi who love the butcher Julio Ribeiro and KPS Gil.l

The RSS is a very communal organisation that deserves to be banned so does its political arm BJP.

The RSS is filled with cowards who lost their honour to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty by supporting Varun Gandhi. They are a Brahmin supported anti-minority organisation. They bowed before Indira Gandhi during the emergency and play her or criticise her according to their political whims and fancies.

The only party that deserves a victory is the Shiromani Akali Dal. It is a Sikh Party that desperately needs reform. But let Sikh destiny lie in Sikh hands not in the hands of the Hindu, Christian, Sikh and Muslim Communalists who call themselves Secular. Sikhs will reform their party the Shiromani Akali Dal. But they deserve a chance to set things right.

It is the only party that stood up to Indira Gandhi during the Emergency and is responsible for keeping it a secular state from Hindu Fundamentalists. The mainstream Baniya run media call them, Khalisthanis but they have saved the country from a drug epidemic emanating from Pakistan.

God willing, one day, Sikhs will teach Pakistan a lesson they will never forget along with their Indian Marxist allies. The Shiromani Akali Dal should go it alone in Punjab. Navjot Singh Sidhu is a traitor to this country by joining the Congress he has shown his true colours and deserve to judge only laughter challenge comedy shows. Bhagwant Mann is a drunkard. Arvind Kejriwal is a child.

The lies of the Baniya run media who have portrayed the Sikhs as drunkards, drug addicts, girlchild killers, sexists and bigots. Remember it was our Gurus that saved your religion from tyrants like Aurangzeb and Shah Jahan even though you backstabbed us. No Sikh comes to power in India because of the communal nature of Hindu fundamentalist bigots who is not their puppet.

Remember God is watching every action of yours and he is very unforgiving.


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