A simple criticism of Marxism

Marxists are the most hypocritical of all people. My experience  has told me that they will do everything they criticise when they get power.

They always seek to brainwash people into thinking that whatever acts of violence they commit they are doing are in the name of the greater good. They are adept at psychological warfare and human and mass psychology and are excellent at brainwashing.

They will be very popular and belong to high caste.

They talk all about caste equality most of them will be Hindi and Bengali Brahmins praticising untouchability.

These Brahmins can be the most racist on earth. They are ex-Soviet proxies and are pro-China. There are Christians who do this talk of Marxism in the name of equality but all they want to do is loot from you and mooch from you.

These Christians are mostly from South India namely Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They also have high separatist tendencies and seek to destroy this country.

Majority of them are highly educated from Jesuit run schools and colleges. They are planning to overthrow the power structure in this country. And install their own proxies.

They may talk of Hindu-Muslim peace when they are the most communal people on earth. Any show of tolerance is only deception and theatre. Some of the Muslims are pro-Pakistan.

If you critically follow their propaganda you will realise they lie, cheat and deceive like any political party.

However they have infiltrated all educational institutions including Mumbai University. They seek leadership, power and prestige like any other political party.

They will blame America for India’s problems. However their backwardness of their economic policies when India was considered a Soviet satellite state by many Western Thinkers.

They seek to suppress all critical thinking and all criticism from educational institutions. Professors from Mumbai University actually award good marks prestige and honour to these proxies of thiers. They also mail students Soviet propaganda and left leaning thinking.

They seek to destroy every intelligent creative capitalist . They want us to become their parasites. Once they come to power they will keep the lion’s share for themselves and give you crumbs.

Everybody from JNU is known to do indulge in this kind of activity. Nehru himself looted this country and divided and ruled it which his family later continued.

They will cause tension and class conflicts between communities and blame it on others.

A lot of government servants are Marxists and they teach at universities.

They have infiltrated the AAP which is foreign funded and is Jesuit-run.

Jesuits are the enemies of this country and seek to sabotage the cultural heritage of this country.

Majority of them will offer you to go to remote villages for social work but in reality they will send you to Naxal training camps.

They will set you on a wrong path and try to make you break ties with your family.

Smoking and drug addiction are tools to enlist gullible people in both Marxism and fascism. Marxists smoke together and talking about women empowerment and free love.

All their hippie, utopian ideas has got many girls just to get their abortions done. they just want sex without responsibility. They run the media and silence all criticism. Have you heard of Marxists wrongdoings in the media???

They want to give laal salaam to everyone who disagrees with them and want them to commit suicide.

They use the same techniques as the fascists they criticise.

They seek to destroy religion and break families even though majority of them are Christians and Brahmins.

Their outdated philosophies has broken many families and ruined lives. They always seek to work in tandem with fascists and seek to divide and rule.

Facists and Marxists both want you to become their slaves so resist them.


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