Do high quality business schools provide nations with a competitive advantage?

A nation’s prosperity depends on its competitiveness, which is based on the productivity with which it produces goods and services. Sound macroeconomic policies and stable political and legal institutions are necessary but not sufficient conditions to ensure a prosperous economy. Competitiveness is rooted in a nation’s microeconomic fundamentals—the sophistication of company operations and strategies and the quality of the microeconomic business environment in which companies compete.
As the economies of India and China are growing rapidly the demand for high quality managers and leaders are growing with them. What sets apart excellent managers from good ones? Is it intellect, thirst for knowledge, drive to succeed and other innate qualities? Yes to a certain extent. But I would say that this is only the difference between good managers and better managers. What actually sets apart the one-in-a-million managers is how he effectively and resourcefully he uses his innate qualities and how he applies the knowledge imparted to him.
Of course these are things that cannot be taught but rather one can be guided. It is for such kind of guidance do people go to a business school. To hone a person’s leadership qualities and to further polish his already sparkling personality with interactions with other like-minded people do people go to a business school. Followers can be cultivated but leaders have to be molded. The latest of managerial techniques and theories must be imparted to leaders for them to keep up with the times.
In this era where knowledge and information is more valued than gold and silver, where new breakthroughs are made everyday. There is always a vacuum between age old wisdom and new innovation, it is here a business school comes in and fills this void. The relationship between a business school and a student is lifelong partnerships we have to go back again and again to this seat of learning to update ourselves with the latest knowledge in marketing, finance and economics.
It is this constant learning and updating that gives nation great competitive advantages and pushes it far beyond the limits of excellence. For what stays at one place stagnates so one must always keep flowing and keep exploring the far realms of knowledge.
Nothing is more important today than the knowledge of strategy today. Leaders and managers of this generation have to learn to be ruthless and merciless in competition but humane to people in need of charity. Building good relationships and outmaneuvering opponents is of equal importance. We have to learn to co-operate while competing and compete while co-operating. It is this great skill that gives an individual and nation unlimited prosperity. It is upto business schools to impart this great skill.
The promise of great and powerful leadership of the next century can only be brought about by a business school with large human, technological and financial resources. All capital can be lost and devalued but human capital is the thing that never decreases in value.


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